OTBalance — AI DEX Ecosystem.

  • Portfolio Manager capable of connecting to EVM based chains and manage ERC20/ERC721 tokens
  • AI Base Risk management solution
  • Technical Analyst Assistant — AI tool providing TA analysis for any instrument
  • Trading Coach — comprehensive trade analytics (AI based)
  • Trades Journal
  • DEFI Analytics tools

Based on what we have created so far, we want to allow all crypto users of the world to search for investments and control their portfolios.

Our vision is - AI DEX Ecosystem.

  • passive investors by looking for best yields in DEFI world
  • traders
  • anyone who would like to invest in the crypto world but do not know how to check what is worth investing in

Below we present a use case of our vision.

Road Map


Support our project on dApp-staking and join the creation of an AI DEX ASSISTANT.

Please see our system here: https://www.otbalance.io/

and stay tuned for more news !!!

More information you can find here- https://linktr.ee/OTBalance



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