OTBalance — AI DEX Ecosystem.

Our system is designed for every level of your trading experience. Some tools are useful for upcoming traders, and others are perfect for professional ones. Everyone can benefit from AI-generated knowledge and professional-grade tools.

What is unique in our product is a technology called — Voice. Thanks to it, a user gets an expert voice explanation of any of his or her open positions based on technical analysis, including specific indicators.

OTBalance Platform Features

  • Portfolio Manager capable of connecting to EVM based chains and manage ERC20/ERC721 tokens
  • AI Base Risk management solution
  • Technical Analyst Assistant — AI tool providing TA analysis for any instrument
  • Trading Coach — comprehensive trade analytics (AI based)
  • Trades Journal
  • DEFI Analytics tools

Based on what we have created so far, we want to allow all crypto users of the world to search for investments and control their portfolios.

Our vision is - AI DEX Ecosystem.

Thanks to our technology — Voice, communicating with users will be easy using all available tools, such as a computer, telephone, tablet or TV.
Our goal is to create an AI assistant available to everyone who will help with investments daily.

It would help anyone that wants to invest:

  • passive investors by looking for best yields in DEFI world
  • traders
  • anyone who would like to invest in the crypto world but do not know how to check what is worth investing in

Below we present a use case of our vision.

Our platform will be for all users, not only for traders. For all who are looking for investments or want to control their portfolios.

Thanks to our technology, everyone can afford a financial assistant.

Our ecosystem will be able to constantly develop and add newer and newer analytical tools and have the possibility of extending our platform to different projects.

Road Map


We’re approved by the Shiden Community for joining in Builder’s Program on <10.12.2021 >! To further boost our developments in the Shiden ecosystem on Kusama we are whitelisted into dApp staking.


Support our project on dApp-staking and join the creation of an AI DEX ASSISTANT.

All stakers will receive a special (1 out of 512) OTBalance utility NFT

All stakers with amount of staked higher then 1000 SDN will have access to our beta platform to perform Technical Analytics

Please see our system here: https://www.otbalance.io/

and stay tuned for more news !!!

More information you can find here- https://linktr.ee/OTBalance




Balance is a comprehensive, AI-driven risk management assistant for crypto world investors.

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Balance is a comprehensive, AI-driven risk management assistant for crypto world investors.

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